Automation is taking off

Before Web Financial Group begins any new technology integration, our R&D department carefully selects and assembles the specific technology that will deliver significant improvements for our clients.

Automation is taking off

Our challenge for the next few years is to find new ways to leverage automation to improve efficiency and productivity. As a company, we will evolve towards new ways of working where human resources spend more time building automation tools while machines manage things like control and maintenance tasks. For our clients, this translates into products and solutions with a greater resilience capacity, delivering improved efficiency and speeds, at a lower unit cost. A few examples of innovative technology we’re using today include:

  1. Container Technology: using Container Technology and working with continuous integration tools, we can help clients reduce deployment time.
  2. Monitoring: through our own log-management monitoring in real-time, we can improve performance analysis, as well as the management and control of technology support.
  3. Big Data: we can apply Big Data technology to process complex searchers, delivering faster data and search results to banks and their clients.
  4. Multi-Data Center: we can use multiple data centers to move products in a more agile and resilient manner.
  5. New software: we can adapt our software as needed to create a unique platform which integrates all automatized processes.





Low, decreasing unit cost per user