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Web Financial Group's Tech group is the leading provider of digital products & solutions for the integration, presentation, and promotion of market and financial data. We offers access to millions of data instruments sourced from the data providers, without limit in type of research data, asset class, regional coverage or data items per instrument. Our infrastructure receives data from all the major global data vendors – SIX, IDC, Morningstar, Factset, Thomson Reuters, – as well as more specialized data sources like Moody’s and S&P for ratings, FactSet for company fundamentals or GICS for sector classification. Web Financial Group's Tech solutions are technically based on the MFDS, our Market & Financial Data Solution (MFDS), providing ‘best in class’ integration that aggregates many different data sources.

82 millions end users and +800 projects

We also underlying infrastructure and network already manages with, on average, 1 million concurrent users per second. The operating modular technology model also permits WebFG to ensure that growth in its customers’ user base or peaks in market data traffic are flexibly and rapidly managed. By using open source technology on the various levels of its IT architecture, the integration with further systems of its customers can usually be realised in efficient manner. Our SaaS model translates into high cost efficiency, allowing us to offer our clients attractive baseline costs. Web Financial Group’s Tech group has extensive experience in designing solutions collaboratively with its clients in order to focus on new methodologies including: Mobile First & Responsive designs, HTML5, and the tailored delivery of content dependent on the user segmentation and a greater understanding of the customer. Our solutions allow retail investors to seamlessly move between the plethora of devices in the market - for example smartphone, smartwatch, tablet & phablet devices. When implementing customer projects, we seek to offer an optimum mix of cost efficient use of our utility model with customized solutions that generate USPs for the customer’s target user segments.

Web Financial Group’s Tech currently supports in excess of 82 million end users utilising our solutions every day, with more than 800 projects having been deployed over the last ten years. Most of these projects focus on helping retail investors make better investment decisions, democratizing investment information, and supporting self-directed investments.


Tech Solutions



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An independent, scalable and flexible multi-vendor and multi-asset platform, providing best-in-class integration



With all Web Financial Group Tech solutions, we aim to provide clients with a unique Market Data as a Service (MDaaS) solution to support the evolving needs of their clientbase. Our Market & Financial Data Solution (MFDS) is an independent, scalable and flexible multi-vendor and multi-asset platform, providing best-in-class integration across many different data sources.

MFDS is integrated with all major data vendors, regional providers, exchanges and many other sources. We like to say, if the data is available then it can be integrated into MFDS..


By remaining data vendor neutral, we’re enabling our clients to use critical data from multiple sources in our single web-based solution. With this model, our clients can also easily switch between data vendors without affecting their clients’ experience.

Best Solutions

With MFDS, we’re able to delivera single platform, helping clients more easily navigate the complex array of data providerstoday. In fact, this empowers our clients, giving them negotiating power with data vendors. Financial instituions leverage MFDS to provide their clients with a wide range of intelligent search capabilities, comparison and analytical tools, alongsideintegrated customer and third party data..

Cross Code + Cross Display

MFDS is able to redistribute all data in any required format (HTML 5, CSV, XML, JSON, Fix, F2, Openmama, etc.) and for any kind of multi-channel device (website, tablets, smartphones, TV, watches, IoT,...). We help our customers reach their clients whenever and wherever they are. Finally, on the distribution level, MFDS is able to redistribute all data in any required format (HTML 5, CSV, XML, JSON, Fix, F2, Openmama, etc.) and for any kind of multi-channel device (website, tablets, smartphones, TV, watches, IoT, etc.).


Based on MFDS, Web Financial Group's Tech group is fully prepared to operate a single platform rationalising the current very much complex multi-providers and multi-asset banks´situation, covering any type of asset coming from every single data source existing in the market. In fact, this empowers our clients giving them huge negotiating power with data vendors.

This total flexibility is possible thanks to our “Tech Store”, a complete gallery of data & applications that fulfills any requirement including:

  • Data, through our “API Store”
  • Widgets, through our “Widget Store”
  • Products, through our “Product Store”
  • Customised solutions The diagram below reflects the three main conceptual layers of our MFDS platform:

The diagram below reflects the three main conceptual layers of our MFDS platform:




  • Web
  • RWD
  • Web APP
  • Native APP
  • Wearables


  • Web 3.0
  • Alerts
  • Watchlists
  • Broker & Funds Games
  • Warrants
  • Technical Analysis
  • “My personal advisor”: on line contact with my advisor
  • Advisory Tools
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Containers
  • News, research and recommendations
  • Multichannel (mobile, TV, web, ...)
  • Consensus and ratios estimates
  • Advanced Search
  • Financial Planning and Portfolio Management Tool
  • Virtual Portfolios
  • Social Networks
  • Training Online
  • Brokerage Online
  • Reporting
  • Trading Platforms
  • Newsletter
  • Mutual Funds and Pension Plans info and analysis
  • Derivatives
  • Market Terminals
  • ...+ 800



  • ...+ 60

This architecture allows us to empower our clients with the following benefits:
  • Just a data contract and a tech contract for the entire bank.
  • Just one SLA with WebFG and one hot line for any incidence irrespective it comes from data or tech.
  • Totally consistency of data (same prices) along the bank (back-middle-front), ensuring quality assurance and regulatory requirements.
  • We optimize and rationalize the use of data along the bank to avoid extra costs or duplications as data usage is fully measured and controlled.
  • We can add specific data or research coming from any third party vendors to really let banks have a one-stop-shop.
  • We integrate proprietary data coming from the bank along with third parties feeds to have it all fully integrated.
  • We fully control data usage along the bank per use and per unit, so we help Banks to decrease data and stock exchanges related costs.
  • We help banks to decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as we provide a unique tech platform to integrate, manage and distribute all data and digital functionalities banks need.
  • Furthermore, we empower our clients giving them huge negotiating power with data vendors.
  • We ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability as we can deliver any type of data to any part of the bank in the required format: HTML 5, CSV, XML, Fix, OpenMAMA, F2, etc.
  • We ensure total data coverage as we can deliver multi-asset feeds and solutions along the bank (equities, bonds, funds, ETFs, forex, derivatives, interest rates, certificates, warrants, etc.).
  • We ensure total control of users accesses for audits and reporting as every single data access, front-end tools and terminals have a permissioning system that ensures that only entitled users access to the corresponding info.
  • We provide in depth statistics along the entire bank to measure usage of data and front-end solutions per user and per unit.
  • We implement plans of Business Continuity and Disaster recovery to ensure maximum guaranty to our clients.
  • We maintain paralleled hot feeds to let banks have back-ups (data alternatives) in real time, so ensuring 100% availability.

The MFDS Foundation


Tech Solutions



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Tech Solutions



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Tech Solutions



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