Web Financial Group, first digital/tech finance brand to surpass 10M internet users

Madrid, 13 de Mayo de 2015

Web Financial Group has become the first Spanish digital brand in financial media to reach more than10 million unique visitors worldwide, according to ComScore (*).


Between May 2014 to March 2015, Web Financial Group audience increased by 378%. In March, the group increased its audience by 139% compared to a month earlier. In the same period Webfg achieved a record 162 million page views, propelling the company to the 49th brand worldwide in finance news and research. As a result, Webfg and its portals are growing faster than other big names in media including the Financial Times, BBC News Business and USA Today Money – one of the largest European Economy and Finance networks.

The relaunch and growth

Within its strategic plan, Web Financial Group’s media department, which includes all the company’s media assets, its news agencies and portals, has managed in record time to be able to compete on equal terms with Bloomberg or Reuters, a milestone in the history of Spanish technology and finance.

During the first months of 2014 Web Financial Group re-launched its global finance network, with new developments within its financial network, which involved a total redesign of its websites, incorporating sophisticated and innovative investment tools, the implementation of modern market monitoring systems as well as increasing staff numbers, resulting in spectacular growth figures that have made ‘Bolsamania Sites’ a digital leader within economic and financial media in Spain (*).

‘Bolsamania Sites’ reached the 4.01 million unique visitors, with an increase of 761% year over year and an increase of 43% in March in comparison to February 2015. These dizzying figures reveal not only the growth path of its entire division, but the strength and solidity of a project that has become one of the main references for investors and the market in general as well.

Bolsamania not only offers breaking news on the Spanish market and in the world, but news on national and international economic affairs as well, at the right time and from the most prominent national and international analysts. Last hour alerts, analysis, investment tools including: the most complete records of securities, interactive graphs, historical statistics on indices, securities and currencies as well as the most comprehensive coverage and lives, which are all part of Webfg’s Financial Network.

But it is not a single success story, as ‘Digital Look’, its English brand, has become a landmark in the City of London and is one of the most successful websites within the European digital media.

The website provides in-depth data analysis and tools regarding UK and European stock markets. Its synergy with Spanish-speaking sister company, Bolsamania, has allowed both portals to become the main reference for investors globally, allowing Webfg’s network to be among the largest global groups.

Impressive success in LATAM

The growth at Web Financial Group Media has started to spread to Latin America with great success. Having started with an audience of over 2 million unique users, thanks to the purchase of the network blog Financial Red, Bolsamania Sites currently has 2,191,000 unique visitors in Latin America. Such a result has also allowed it to become the first Spanish economic digital brand to reach a high penetration level in the continent with financial content. The percentage of visitors coming from that region is the highest in the economic industry in Spain, in the case of ‘Bolsamania Sites’. Web Financial Group separates its strategy from the rest of Spanish media and has opted for a different type of project, focused on social content and segmented within the various categories of economic and financial ?Stock Exchange, personal finance, banking products- thanks to the acquisition of the blogging platform Financial Red.

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